$DRIVE Partnership

Joining the $DRIVE partnership means stepping into an exciting Web3 world tailored for content creators, influencers, and businesses eager to rev up their digital presence.

Content Creator

At $DRIVE, we're on the hunt for passionate content creators who thrive in the automotive space and are keen on both taking and offering ownership. By partnering with us, you get the unique opportunity to transform your automotive content into digital collectibles on the blockchain. Plus, have your work featured prominently on our website and within our vibrant community.


$DRIVE offers influencers an exciting platform where your followers can gather, engage, and get more from your content. We're all about creating a dynamic space complete with trivia nights, game evenings, virtual car shows, and more, ensuring there's always something happening. Our community is not just active but also incredibly supportive. We take care of automating and amplifying your social media posts across the community, providing you a special, exclusive area within our ecosystem. It's like having your own digital clubhouse, ensuring your followers are always entertained and engaged, even when you can't be there around the clock.


$DRIVE is here to revolutionize how businesses integrate with Web3. Our user-friendly crypto checkout system lets your customers make payments for both one-time purchases and recurring subscriptions using USDC, SOL, $GARY, and of course, $DRIVE. Our innovative rewards program encourages businesses to hold tokens, reaping loyalty points and benefits for their customers. Imagine a tokenized reward structure where your customers gain access to exclusive utilities at various $DRIVE holding or spending levels. This collaborative approach strengthens our community. For instance, our tokenized detailing studio in the Netherlands offers perks like free shipping, while the nearby tyre company provides discounts on new tyre fittings, and the local mechanic offers complimentary oil with every oil change — all seamlessly integrated with $DRIVE. Join us, and let's drive forward together.

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