About Us

Our story

$DRIVE emerged from the combined vision of two crypto enthusiasts with a fervent passion for the automotive world — Gino Nagtegaal and Davey Van Duin. Together, they saw an opportunity to merge the palpable enthusiasm of car and bike lovers with the revolutionary possibilities of blockchain technology. The road ahead was clear: to create a tokenized hub that would serve as the beating heart of the automotive industry.

Our mission

Our journey is fueled by a mission to empower every person connected with the automotive industry to claim ownership in its future. We see $DRIVE as more than a token; it's a vehicle for change, driving the evolution of automotive culture by marrying the physical passion for cars with the digital advancements of Web3. With $DRIVE, every turn of the wheel is a step towards a transparent, decentralized, and exhilarating future, where the car community and cutting-edge technology race forward in unison.

Our values

At the core of $DRIVE is a commitment to high-end quality and unwavering transparency. We see these values as the cornerstones of trust in the automotive and blockchain spaces. Every decision at $DRIVE is a reflection of our dedication to the future of our vibrant community, where every member deserves the spotlight to share, showcase, and excel.

Our Community

$DRIVE thrives on the synergy between ownership in Web3 and the inherent passion of car culture. Our community is a collective of forward-thinkers, eager to turn their automotive dreams into reality and to build on the blockchain. We aspire to foster a culture synonymous with Red Bull's dynamism — where innovation meets exhilaration.

Our Vision

Our vision is clear: $DRIVE will become the universal token of the automotive world, essential at every event, from local gatherings to global showcases like SEMA. We are steering towards becoming a beacon for petrolheads, where $DRIVE resonates with the thrill of automotive events and the solidarity of an empowered community.

Our Team

Pioneered by Gino Nagtegaal, with his expertise in community engagement and automotive business acumen, and Davey Van Duin, a devotee of decentralization and innovative automotive services, our leadership is the driving force behind $DRIVE. Together, they steer us towards uncharted territories where opportunities for connection, growth, and excitement await.

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Start your engine and join the movement that is shifting the automotive experience into high gear. Connect with us on Discord, become part of our pioneering group, and take your place in the driver's seat. Your first $DRIVE awaits - sign up now and buckle up for an exhilarating journey with $DRIVE.